Forehead Lift / Browlift – St. Louis

Drooping or lined foreheads can cause angry, sad or tired expressions to be permanently visible on the face.  A forehead lift is designed to minimize these lines and creases that develop across the forehead and may also occur high on the bridge of the nose.  Dr. Koo’s forehead lift procedure helps to improve what are commonly known as frown lines, and re-positions a low or sagging brow.

A forehead lift offers two advanced techniques to erasing unwanted lines and creases on the forehead.  Depending on how much correction is needed, a forehead lift can be done using a traditional or endoscopic method.  Regardless of the method chosen, Dr. Koo makes incisions in inconspicuous locations to reduce the appearance of visible scarring.

Traditional Brow Lift

Typically reserved for patients in need of more correction, a traditional brow lift begins with an incision along the hairline.  Depending on the patient’s individual circumstances, I can move the incision location to accommodate for visible scarring.  Once the incision is made, I gently lift the forehead skin, removes excess tissue, adjusts underlying muscles, and lifts the eyebrows.  Once the desired forehead contour is achieved, excess skin is removed and the incision is closed with stitches or clips.

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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Generally reserved for patients in need of minimal correction, an endoscopic brow lift begins with 3-5 small incisions made along the hairline to reduce visible scarring.  The incisions are generally less than one inch long.  I place an endoscope beneath the surface of the skin while tools are inserted through the other incisions to adjust the underlying tissue and muscle.  Since the incisions are small, this technique is best suited for patients who do not have loose or sagging skin on the forehead.  This advanced technique does not correct inelasticity of the skin.

Brow Lift Results

Recovery time for a brow lift is generally similar for both the traditional and endoscopic methods.  Most patients are able to return to light activity after 7-10 days.  Swelling and bruising generally subsides after 3 weeks and vigorous physical activity can generally be resumed after 3 weeks.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should also be avoided for 2-3 months to guarantee the best results following a brow lift procedure.

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