Been Considering Breast Enlargement Since You Were A Teenager?

Now how do you go about accomplishing this? How do you get the perfect size breasts for your body? How do you find the right plastic surgeon that will understand what it is you want?

More importantly, how do you get your St. Louis plastic surgeon to understand it is not only about the size of the breasts but the shape of the breasts? Do you also need a breast lift along with a breast implant?

How do you convey the desire for a rounded, shapely breast that still has a natural fall, some “side boob” but not armpit breasts? Breasts that aren’t too obvious and still professional but are still big enough to be sexy when you want to be?

The answers to all these questions should come from your plastic surgeon before you even ask them.

The truth is there are so many sizes that would be perfectly compatible with your body — the deciding factor is your personal comfort level with how full the breasts become.

By that I mean, how noticeable do you want your breasts to be? How much do you run and what types of exercise do you enjoy? How do you envision yourself — athletic and slim or full bodied and curvy? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Have you had children? Do you plan to have more children?

Those answers will determine what type and size breast implant I recommend for my patients. I always discuss size and shape while looking at actual photographs with my patients. This will give a visual reference point that is so much more accurate and meaningful than discussing the bra cup size or implant size.

These are excellent starting point questions you should always discuss with your plastic surgeon prior to a breast enlargement. Talk to other patients and consult with your plastic surgeon as many times as you want until you are completely sure and comfortable with the surgical plan.

Remember, ultimately the choice is yours and it is up to the plastic surgeon then to guide you, inform you, and understand what it is YOU want!