You may think using breast implants to enhance a woman’s breasts are ridiculous and fake… but ask any woman who has had her breasts enhanced and you’ll get quite a different answer.

Nearly all women have their breasts enlarged for themselves. They want to feel that their breasts and body are in proportion. They want to feel balanced, be able to wear a swim suit, feel less self conscious, and to feel sexier in and out of clothes. Truthfully they just want to feel a better about their own body.

Is that wrong? The public condemns woman seeking breast augmentation and implants

as being vain, vapid, and “slutty” for the reason of wanting attention for themselves in an unbecoming manner. Really, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Woman want to be more comfortable with their own bodies. They want to feel comfortable being seen naked. If they don’t like how they look naked, they will never want to be seen naked or in any type of clothing that shows anything!

Breast implants are safe and the surgery itself takes less than an hour with 1-2 days recovery time. Yes, there is maintenance since the implants will need to be replaced in 10-20 years and mammograms may be more difficult. However, it is minimal maintenance and your plastic surgeon should see you every year after you have your breast augmentation as a courtesy for you.

What do you think, let me know your opinion. My opinion? Brest augmentation is very safe and very uplifting for any woman who hates what nature gave them. Don’t let nature own you, go out and take control!!


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