You may want fuller breasts but may be asking yourself, is it possible to have breast implants that fit your body?  Is it possible for breast implants to look natural and shapely as well as make your breasts larger?

Breast enhancement with saline or silicone breast implants is very safe. Both types of breast implants are FDA approved for elective breast augmentation.

While general anesthesia is required, the surgery itself should only take 30-45 minutes. You can drive the next day and return to routine daily activities. It will take two weeks before you are able to exercise.

The most common questions I am asked by my patients is, can you make my breasts look natural, still sloped, and “tear drop” shaped? Can you make them proportionate to my body? Will people be able to tell I have breast implants?

Yes, people will be able to tell if you have breast implants because they will be too perfect to be real. If you are over the age of 23 and have had children and your breasts are perfect, people will guess that they are not real but they will never know for sure until you tell them. That’s how real breast augmentations can look and feel.

As far as the look of the breast, the majority of my patients most want beautifully shaped breasts, with size as a secondary priority. Shapely, beautiful but still tear dropped and sloped.If you want to hide them, you will be able to by wearing looser clothes. If you want to show them, you can wear tighter clothes and use a push up bra.

Yes, all your goals can be met, but it is up to you to convey those wishes and to make sure your plastic surgeon understands what you want.Bring breast photographs you like to your consultation and make sure your surgeon understands the look you want to achieve. It is also important that your surgeon is very honest with you and educates you as to what can be achieved given your starting breast anatomy.

I believe that your “perfect” breast enhancement can be achieved. It’s a matter of communicating with a plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Koo and seeing her previous results of similar breasts. Most importantly, breast augmentation with breast implants is very safe and considered relatively non-invasive! Go achieve your “perfect” breasts!


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