So you’re thinking about plastic surgery for those stubborn areas of fat, flat chest, or excess left over baby skin… First of all, I want you to know plastic surgery procedures are safe. Second, stop feeling guilty and start taking care of yourself. You’re so busy running around doing things for your kids and husband, you forget about yourself and you feel guilty if you even buy yourself a little lipstick.

I know, I get it. As women, we are brought up to do for others first, especially for our children, husbands and family members.I go through the same daily stresses as you, perhaps with a little variation: my Mother who I am extremely close to is very sick, I’m passionately devoted and feel very obligated to making my patients happy, I have teenagers, two of which are girls, and a very busy husband. Need I say more?

We all go through the daily grind of the bleary sand in the eyes when you wake up feeling like you’re so tired you can’t get through the day. The feeling of being so overwhelmed you have chest pain. But, we do it everyday and we get through the obstacles and we move on. I want you to know we are all in it together. It is OK to do something for yourself. Really it is.

You don’t have to go straight to a plastic surgery procedure, but you should start with something that makes you feel healthier. Take an exercise class. Sign up for the class on a regular basis; pay for it upfront and lock yourself in so you can’t make excuses. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel with a little regular sweating and exercise. As you continue to this, you’ll actually see results which will motivate you to go to the next step.

A woman doing exercise and hydrating to make herself feel good

Choose your foods more wisely. Carbohydrates are NOT your friend. Even eating a lot of fruit is NOT healthy. Lightly salted nuts or raw nuts are the best solutions to satisfy the need to munch. You don’t need crazy diets, you need to choose your foods wisely and step AWAY from food when you are NOT hungry. Keep in mind, my philosophy is that I am here for YOU. I want to make your life better by empowering YOU. Whether you choose to have a breast augmentation or weight loss injections is not the point. It is about making you feel better about yourself so you will take better care of yourself and ultimately be better for those around you. 

I will not suggest anything for you that I wouldn’t do myself. I ONLY suggest the minimal intervention necessary to achieve the great natural look. I DON’T want you to look “DONE.” I will also steer you away from anything that is dangerous and not in your best interest, no matter how much you ask for it.

Begin today, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND FEEL BETTER AND MORE CONFIDENT… and go buy that lipstick!


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