You would be surprised how little you have to do to get smoother and livelier looking skin. However, it does require maintenance. The only maintenance required  is daily skin products and a little bit of intervention.

I formulate medical pharmaceutical grade products with my pharmacist that will be less expensive than the unproductive, over-the-counter products you spend a fortune purchasing.

Yes, of course, you should stop smoking and protect your skin from the sun. I even have pharmaceutical-grade sunblock that is specially formulated. All those skin products you spend a fortune purchasing that clutter up your entire bathroom can’t compare to using as few as three of my specially formulated products designed for your problem and skin type.

These formulated products can often be covered by insurance. In combination with an office peel, BOTOX or filler, such as Juvederm these products can make your skin look years younger with less discoloration and wrinkles. You would be shocked at how little the costs are compared to what you currently spend. The key is to use the appropriate products for your skin and that the products are doing what they actually say they should be doing. But how would you know? You see the ads, you read the back of the bottles and jars, and you listen to your friends.

The truth is none of the over-the-counter products will change your skin at the cell level to generate new collagen or get rid of the brown spots. None of the products that work can be sold over the counter. You need prescription strength products to achieve the desired changes.

The key is to have your skin medically evaluated and have the products tailored to your needs. It is important that the person evaluating your skin truly knows the science and the medicine behind skin and the products necessary to make the changes. I love seeing my patients transform their skin over a period as short as three months!


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