When I am performing facial aesthetic surgery, I respect the natural architecture of the entire face. I respect the natural lines that are the patient’s unique look. I replace the skin and tissues to where they were previously; I don’t change the inherent structure.

Mickey Rourke or Renee Zellweger illustrate exactly my point. Their unique facial structures have been obliterated by their plastic surgery. Whether they’ve been overfilled or over pulled, it’s not a good look.

I recreate the natural and individual beauty of my patients’ former youth by replenishing and repositioning. This is the key to looking rested and not “done”. I completely understand and respect the soft tissue AND skeletal anatomy.

Meticulous attention to the positioning of the eyes, nose, and mouth within the face is imperative. I balance the face in its entirety therefore my patients never look odd or incongruous. For instance, addressing the neck without attention to its relation to the rest of the face creates a mismatch and a “done” pulled look.

A layered comprehensive approach with dermal fillers, BOTOX and medical-grade skincare can continue to keep the aging process in check. You can continue to look better and better without creating a significant one-time change. Again the key is regular maintenance. The subtle layered approach is especially important for MEN. As men age, their eyes narrow and brow drops and that becomes a sexy distinguished look that can be enhanced and tweaked but not entirely changed. Men especially do not look appealing with the “wide eyed surprised doe in headlights” look.

The maintenance should start as early as the teen years with acne prevention and sun protection. This will prevent long term scarring and the irreparable deep creases from sun damage. The pigment changes of aging skin can also be prevented and reversed with early intervention and regular maintenance. Medical strength products will achieve far more than any over the counter “feel and smell good” lotions. This is the only way to truly prevent skin damage and restore the luster and sheen of youthful skin.

Bottom line: See your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon early and often. It is better to do a little at a time than too much at once.


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