My patients ask me this question during every consultation. There are many different types of breast implants, so its a perfectly understandable question.

My reply is: it has taken me 25 years of experience to really understand, to truly “see” how an implant will fit a patient’s breast, chest wall, rib cage, lifestyle, clothing choices, comfort level…let me be your expert and I will pick the perfect implant with you depending on what you want, your body, and your lifestyle.

I say don’t worry about the size or shape of the implant, simply look at pictures of your perfect world breasts, and “shop the look.” Bring me the pictures of the size, and “look” of the breasts you love, and I will match that  “look” for your body size, breast shape and desires!

The most important point for you is, what look are you going for? What is your comfort level with the amount of attention your breasts will receive? What type of neckline do you like to wear? Do you simply want to have some fullness and firmness in a swimsuit? Do you not want anyone to notice? Do you want a little or a lot of curves?

Everyone is different. Every breast and rib cage is different even from one side to the other. These tiny nuances and details are what I pay particular attention to in order to achieve YOUR perfect breasts.

YOU only have to “shop the look” and ask yourself what you want!

A woman with perfect breast implants, wearing a red bra.


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