You’ve wanted a breast augmentation for such a long time, you’ve read about different types of breast implants, and now you’re at least ready to start the interviewing process for the right plastic surgeon. Now the real question is how do you know what the right breast implant is?

I feel it is extremely important that you tell your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle, profession and activity level. If you are a teacher and really don’t want your friends and pupils to notice your new breasts or make ANY comment at all, you may want a lower profile softer sitting implants that allow some fall and roundness.

If you are a Mom of young children and teenagers, you may especially be self conscience of being noticed. You want some sexiness and fullness but above all you want your breasts to look natural and in proportion to your body. In this case you will want a full implant but one that is perhaps smaller in width and a little more firm to give your breasts a slight lift in addition to the volume.

If you are in your 20’s and you’re looking for a breast augmentation, the sky is the limit. The choices will truly be only limited by the anatomy of your breasts and your desires. If you want to rock full, sexy, up in your face breasts, you should have them with a full profile, firm, wide breast implant.  You can also choose to have a slightly softer fill implant if you want to only have them in your face when YOU want to show them off with a push up bra or in a swim suit. The exact type and size of breast implant will be determined by your plastic surgeon. Don’t make the mistake of dictating the actual cc size of the breast implant. Your plastic surgeon will place sizers in to determine the perfect fit.

The take home message is have many conversations with your plastic surgeon and ask many questions. Tell her/him about your concerns, if you are planning to have children, breast cancer history, the type of skin you have, the amount of time you spend in the sun, your profession, exercise routine, etc etc etc, in essence everything about your life you think is important actually.

If your plastic surgeon doesn’t want to hear all of your concerns or someone other than your surgeon is talking to you, run for the door. Take the time and make the effort to know the quality of the person your plastic surgeon is!

Breast augmentations are extremely safe and you should have a wonderful experience obtaining the perfect breast enhancement for YOU!!

Enjoy the process—


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