The answer is NO. Dr. Koo tells her patients to start simple. The thing many people forget about is their SKIN! The first thing one sees on your face is your skin quality, the texture, and pigmentation. Taking care of your skin with medical grade skincare products that truly improve the cellular components will significantly improve the overall appearance of your face without spending beaucoup bucks!

Not all skincare products are the same and just because you buy it at a high-end department store does not guarantee that the products will be effective.

There are ingredients that will improve the fine wrinkles and are anti-aging but honestly they’re not available over the counter. Most of the truly effective products are by prescription or available through a medical office. The reason is that the concentration of the effective ingredients cannot be sold in over the counter makeup or skin products. These ingredients can sometimes damage and harm skin and must be monitored by a trained personnel. Unfortunately, you might have to pay an office visit but typically you should only have a ONE-time fee and can start your entire skin regimen that will put off surgery perhaps forever.

A few basic products you MUST have:

  1. Sun Block – look for products that are tinted for extra protection. A minimum SPF 30 is what you want for your face. The products I love the best don’t feel greasy, stay on and apply like a foundation. I often use a tinted sun block instead of any foundation at all and I use it absolutely everyday!
  2. Face Wash – look for a wash that is free of the sulfates and sulfites that can be skin irritating and one that is specific for your skin type and needs. If you want anti-aging, anti-wrinkle results, look for lactic acid, trichloro-acetic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic, and perhaps even some estrogen. There are ingredients for every type of skin need from acne to pigment.
  3. Moisturizer – even if your skin is oily, you need moisture. Many of my patients wash their skin with such harsh ingredients to control the oil and acne that they actually cause their skin to produce MORE oil and create more breakouts.

Again, all of your Skin Care products should contain the ingredients targeted specifically for your skin needs. That is the most effective way to have get the most out of your dollars spent rejuvenating your face. You may buy products from the drug and grocery store, and online, but the key is to have an experienced trained medical personnel diagnose yours skin’s needs and address those needs with the best products available. Sometimes the filler ingredients (non active ingredients) can irritate your skin and care should be taken that your products are not working against each other.

MORE TO FOLLOW… In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your skincare needs with Dr. Koo, Schedule a Consultation today!


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