Town & Style – St. Louis featured Dr. Koo in an article detailing ‘combo surgeries’ such as the Mommy Makeover and why they are growing in popularity. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The appeal of cosmetic surgery probably increases with the number of candles blazing on your birthday cake. After blowing out the latest inferno—and viewing the celebratory pictures—many a celebrant will decide it’s time for some self-improvement. But where to start?

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Especially popular with young moms and the more matronly (or patronly) alike, combo surgeries are the proverbial two-fer. They may not exactly offer ‘two-for-one,’ but they do come with other attractive features. For one thing, you can tackle two related problem areas at the same time.

And there are indeed some cost- and time-cutting benefits. “Combining operations may allow for fewer down times and less time off work, so it is more cost-effective,” says Dr. Judith Gurley of Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.

“It saves recovery time and operating room and anesthesia costs,” adds Dr. Michele Koo. “Any combination of surgeries is possible. It depends upon what the patient requests and whether it makes sense and is safe. Often an insurance-covered procedure is combined with a cosmetic one.” …

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“There really isn’t a combination that cannot be done together,” says Koo. “The ‘makes sense’ part is the location of the surgery. Combination brow-lift, eye-lift and face-lift makes sense since I address the rejuvenation of the entire face. A complete face rejuvenation also can be performed with a breast lift or a breast augmentation.”

Combined facial procedures can bring enhanced outcomes, Gurley adds. “A combined approach can avoid the ‘operated on’ look. This involves maneuvers such as lasers for tightening, fat injections and fillers for plumping, and eyelid lifts for removing extra skin. These techniques can be done under anesthesia so there is no pain.”

Breast procedures are often scheduled with arm reductions or tummy tucks—the removal of excess fat and skin. “Breast reductions and tummy tucks are an excellent combination,” Koo says. “Breast reductions often are covered under insurance, along with an overnight hospital stay. The overnight stay can be used in conjunction with the tummy tuck, which is an elective procedure not covered by insurance.”

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