Many of my patients tell me they look so much older than their actual age. What is the reason for this? Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Too much sun exposure during the teen and young adult years and continued lack of sun protection.
  2. Years of smoking.
  3. Early loss of one’s own hormones (early menopause).
  4. Poor skin regimen with ineffective skin products.
  5. Poor nutritional choices.

The number one offender is too much sun exposure. The sun damages the skin cells (keratinocytes) and the arrangement of the collagen and shape of the cells. All of this damage leads to rough, unevenly pigmented skin that is leathery and crepey appearing.  Inhaling nicotine and various toxins associated with smoking also causes direct damage to the cells and the blood vessels that supply the entire body as well as the skin. The loss of hormones can also profoundly affect the quality of skin also. Your choice of foods can also be a factor if you already have trouble prone skin i.e., acne oily prone skin. Drinking more water, and cutting out sugary carbonated sodas can lessen this last offense. The more green the choice of your vegetable the healthier it will be for your skin.

The best advice for your food choices: try to avoid any food that you have to open a can or unwrap a wrapper to consume. The fresher the food, the more natural the state of the food, meaning having to cook it yourself, the better nutritional value it will have and the healthier it will be for you.

Your best weapon to undo the previous wrongs committed against your skin is to start using sun protection EVERY day and cut down (or quit) smoking. I am not a fan of taking exogenous (supplemental) hormones after menopause, but I am a strong proponent of taking vitamin supplements to make our cells more efficient and be able to perform as previously (produce more normal collagen, more tiny capillaries, normal pigment).

I also believe that medical quality skin products can make a significant difference in the skin quality, color, and texture. These products need to contain true tested pharmaceutical active components NOT simply COSMETIC ingredients you can purchase at the drugstore or mall.

I have technologically engineered skin products formulated specifically by my formulating pharmacist and myself! The natural products and their derivatives are blended in a proprietary technique to drive the actives much more effectively into the actual skin cells to stimulate the cells to return to normal function. This translates to healthier, more brilliant appearing skin erasing much of the damage.

The catch: you have to use it on a regular basis! That part isn’t rocket science. This is truly the best value for your money spent. You spend more money at Walgreen’s, CVS, and Target on products that fill your bathroom cabinets that do nothing for your skin. The products have little penetration and the ingredients that do penetrate do nothing to actually change your skin quality.

If you start on the products and don’t see any change after CONSISTENTLY using them following my instructions in 8 weeks, I will refund your money. You may need to add or change one of the products but my office and I will get the correct combination of products for your skin type! We also will continue to progress your skin to more concentrated and intense components as your skin improves to make sure you are achieving the most you can from your medical skin care.


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