This may seem like a very obvious question with a very obvious answer. The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is often perceived as a straightforward desire for larger breasts. However, delving deeper into the motivations reveals a more nuanced and meaningful journey.

Reasons why women get breast implants

For women in their 20s:

Prior to significant life milestones, such as having children or perhaps a significant other, women seeking breast enhancement are often doing so for personal reasons. Beyond the pursuit of larger breasts, the primary goal is to boost self-confidence and achieve a sense of balance in their bodies. It’s not merely about attracting attention or flaunting sexuality, neither of which are bad, but rather about feeling comfortable and assured within one’s skin.

As a female plastic surgeon, I truly understand the intricate dynamics of female body image that take root in a woman’s head, starting at a very young age. The pursuit of beauty and balance becomes a personal journey, and breast augmentation emerges as a viable option to attain the desired sense of self. We are vain but don’t want to be thought of as vain. We can’t increase the length of our legs (which is what we truly want) so this is the next best thing!

For mothers reclaiming their confidence:

Post-pregnancy, some women experience changes in their breasts that can affect their self-esteem. Issues like sagging, stretch marks, and volume loss (the breasts may even look like the old Playboy’s cartoon caricatures of grandma’s with extra long bananas for breasts) may contribute to feelings of dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. This dissatisfaction can extend beyond physical discomfort. These women hate their breasts and do not want to be seen naked or in a swimsuit. They feel their breasts are ugly and therefore the rest of their body is ugly. These women don’t want to go out, don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, and don’t feel motivated to eat healthy and stay fit. impacting daily activities and overall well-being.

A breast lift and augmentation can be transformative, not just physically but also emotionally. Repositioning the breasts and restoring volume can significantly enhance a woman’s outlook, motivating her to embrace a healthier lifestyle and regain confidence in her body.

The psychology of self-image and confidence

I have learned from my patients and from my own insecurities growing up that my self confidence or “happiness” is often tied into my perception of how good or bad I look. While this may seem very shallow, it really isn’t. Our outer appearance is more than just a superficial projection—it reflects our inner selves. A well-groomed, put-together exterior often translates to inner peace, balance, and harmony. Conversely, a disheveled appearance can project inner chaos and a feeling of being “out of control.”

Our outward appearance tells the world whether we care about ourselves or not. In my opinion, women opting for breast enhancement aren’t solely chasing an idealized beauty standard; they are expressing a deep care for themselves and their overall well-being. By taking charge of their appearance, they strive to make a positive impression, radiating balance, harmony, and beauty.

The importance of self-care

While some may view cosmetic surgery as trivial or superficial, it is, in fact, a commitment to personal growth and happiness. The decision to enhance oneself isn’t about changing the world overnight; it’s about fostering happiness, confidence, and productivity. In the grand scheme of life, prioritizing our own well-being can have a ripple effect, potentially transforming our lives and, by extension, the lives of those around us.

In essence, the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery is a declaration of self-care—a recognition that investing in our own happiness can be a catalyst for positive change. As we navigate life’s journey, striving to be the best version of ourselves can be a powerful and empowering endeavor.

Your journey begins here

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