Botox for Men

There’s a reason why BOTOX has been given the nickname “BRO-TOX!”

Men love the quick fix for looking younger and better but not different. No downtime, no evidence, and most importantly it takes 5-15 in the doctor’s office.

So why wouldn’t you do that? Many men do receive BOTOX to smooth the lines across the forehead, the crows feet or the angry “11’s” between the eyebrow.

One caution is don’t go to a spa that has a different aesthetician inject each time and not see you in follow up in a few weeks to insure a consistent & reproducible result.

Another caution is not all Botox injections are the same. Make sure your (preferably) doctor does this frequently, and is using the true BOTOX product at the appropriate dilution.

Happy Bro-toxing!

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