Frustrated with Fat Tummy and Thighs?

Tummy and Thigh Fat - St. Louis Plastic SurgeryMany of my patients become quite frustrated with the rolls of tummy fat and saddlebags after pregnancy. By the time they see me, a plastic surgeon, they are depressed, exasperated, and another 35 lbs overweight.

If you fall into the category of “look at my belly, nothing I do is going to change it, so I’m going to eat that cake for dessert,” then it’s time to drastically change your eating and exercise habits. It may even be time to see a plastic surgeon and ask what the options are for removing that skin, or at least thinning out your waist and thighs.

The key is not to fall into the despair mode and stop caring about yourself. That is a negative feedback loop of further frustration and weight gain. Break the cycle.

But HOW? Start with a few very simple tricks.

  1. DO NOT BUY THE FOODS YOU CAN’T RESIST – e.g., ice cream, cookies, potato chips, pastries, etc.  If they are not within reach and you can’t see them, then you won’t have to resist. You simply will not have them readily available.
  2. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN – eggs, fish, meat, Greek yogurt.
  3. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE FRUIT for your sweets, sugar is sugar and fruit is full of sugar. The common mistake is to eat as much fruit as you would chips and cookies and wonder why you are not losing weight. Carbohydrates are sugar and fruit is still considered in my opinion in the carbohydrate category.
  4. SNACK ON LIGHTLY SALTED NUTS for your need to munch and snack. Nuts are very filling and will satisfy the nervous bored need to eat with a healthy nutritious snack.

Let’s start with the above and next we’ll go on to the activity level to get you started on a happier more self controlled lifestyle. Contact our office for more information!