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Breast Patient 1 was a 26-year-old 5’ 8”, 135 lb St Louis, Missouri woman who wanted very full sexy round breasts. While she wanted to be noticed and to definitely have full large breasts she still wanted her breasts to be proportionate with the rest of her body and not to be noticed only for her breasts.

She wanted fullness on the top of her breasts so she could wear low-cut tops and dresses and have some “oomph”. She wanted cleavage but did not want her breasts touching in the middle. She also wanted roundness at the sides and bottom with plenty of bottom breast to show. She however did NOT want armpit breasts!

Dr Koo carried out breast implant surgery using a higher profile implant with a narrower diameter to prevent the patient from feeling fat and to prevent the arm pit breast.

The patient is thrilled with the very full young sexy round breasts. She feels her body is much more in balance and is able to do all of her athletic activities.


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Patient Details

Gender: Female Age: 26 Weight: 135lbs Height: 5'8


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