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38 year old female after breasting feeding her 3 children lost her previous full perky breasts. She was very self conscious of her deflated breasts and had difficulty filling out a swimming suit tops. She felt uncomfortable when she was intimate with her husband and didn’t ever want to be seen naked. She simply wanted a very natural fuller sexier look.

Dr Koo used a higher profile silicone breast implant placed under the muscle to give her the soft natural slope she desired. Dr Koo was able to give the breasts a lift without having to place additional long scars on her breasts with the type of implant she chose and the technique she uses.

The patient is thrilled with her fuller, voluptuous breasts that are completely proportional for her body. She feels they suit her profession and lifestyle. She’s also delighted that her husband likes them even more than she anticipated despite his original objection to her getting breast augmentation!!

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Gender: Female Age: 38 Implants: Allergan Style 45 gel silicone 400ml implants placed under the muscle through an inframammary incision


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