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47-year-old woman disliked her enlarged areola and heaviness of her breasts. With each child, her breasts kept getting larger and longer. She had grooves in her shoulders from the weight of her breasts. She also suffered from neck and back pain and couldn’t exercise effectively to maintain a healthy weight. Dr Koo performed a breast lift and breast reduction surgery and changed the patient’s cup size from a DDD to a C/D.

The patient does have scars around the areola and down the middle of her breasts but the relief from the pull and heaviness of the breasts was completely worth the trade-off for her. The scars will continue to fade as these photographs were taken 2 months after the surgery. Dr Koo does feel it is important that you understand there will be permanent scars but with time they should continue to fade. She reduces the size of the areola and lifts the breasts back onto your chest. She also corrects any significant asymmetry at the time of surgery. The patient’s body is now much more in balance!

BEFORE: 44 DDD      AFTER: 36-38 C/D

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Gender: Female Age: 47


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