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Dr. Koo’s patient is a mid-20-year-old woman with an underdeveloped left breast. The asymmetry was difficult for the patient as she went through her adolescence and early 20s. She was embarrassed during gym class, could never find bras or clothes to fit properly, and became much too self-conscious to ever wear a swimsuit or strap top. Dr. Koo completely understood her emotional trauma and tried to create symmetric REAL-looking breasts that fit the patient’s height, weight and wishes. Dr. Koo performed a simultaneous breast lift procedure (mastopexy) and breast augmentation surgery (silicone implant placed under the muscle) to correct the asymmetry. She was also able to give BOTH breasts the fullness and roundness that the patient never had previously.

The patient feels liberated…to wear normal bras without padding, to wear cute tops, to feel confident to be in a swimsuit and to be naked!

This is a wonderful self-enabling procedure and is as much for your psyche as it is for your appearance. Dr. Koo wants you to empower yourself to change the aspects of yourself that annoy and impede your self-confidence. It is ALL about YOU. Dr. Koo will help educate you on the possibilities and help guide you to a well-informed decision regarding your breast procedure.

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Gender: Female Age: 20


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