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46 year old Missouri woman had saline, then silicone breast implants 25 and 10 years previously. Her breasts were too firm, uncomfortable, and had become misshapen.  She couldn’t hug anyone without being self conscious due to her hard distorted breasts. She wanted about the same size breasts and relief from the discomfort of her hard breasts.

Dr Koo switched the patient’s breast implant pocket from under the breast to under the muscle. Dr Koo also completely removed the hard calcified capsule surrounding the breast implant when she removed the old silicone implants.

Dr Koo opted to use a smooth more form stable type of breast implant to maintain the shape and softness of the breasts over a hopefully longer period of time.

The patient continues to wear a 34/36 C bra and fits all of her clothes as before. Now her breasts look much more natural and fall smoothly in her swim suits and her work out bras. She most importantly feels so much more comfortable.

“Dr Koo changed my life for the better when she replaced my old breast implants, my breasts feel soft and natural again. I’m so excited to be able to hug my friends after so long.”

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