Breast Patient 41

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Breast Patient 41 was a 47-year-old woman who always had full breasts and had lost most of her breast volume and fullness with age. She always felt she had full hips and was very curvy. As she approached her peri-menopausal age, she noticed that her breasts became less firm and began to lose the fullness of the upper portion of her breasts.

She unfortunately did not lose her curves elsewhere and sought out Dr. Koo to put her body back in proportion.

Dr. Koo gave the patient the option of breast augmentation surgery using saline or silicone breast implants. The patient still had some breast tissue and subcutaneous fat and therefore the saline would have been an option for her. However, Dr. Koo felt that the saline implants might not have the longevity of a silicone implant and the results would not hold up as well if the patient continued to lose breast tissue with age.

The patient now has full, firm breasts that are up and full, BUT not too full. She likes the shape, size and the way they sit on her chest. When she wants her breasts pushed up, she can achieve that with a push-up bra but doesn’t feel that they are under her chin 24/7! The patient has all her curves back!


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Gender: Female Age: 47 Weight: 170lbs Height: 5'5 Implants: Silicone - High Profile


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