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38-year-old woman felt her breasts had deflated after her three children and breast-feeding. She was still very reluctant to have a breast lift in addition to her breast augmentation with breast implants because of the additional scars.

The patient wanted a lift so the nipples were not flat against her tummy and wanted them higher. She wanted fullness in her breasts similar to when she was breast-feeding but did not want to be defined by her breasts or have them become obviously augmented with breast implants. Most important of all, she wanted her breasts to look NATURAL.

Dr Koo was able to come up with the solution for a natural, lifted but natural looking breast that still was slightly lower with a natural fall on the chest by using a Style 20 high profile, silicone breast implant placed under the muscle.

The patient’s breasts are fuller but not disproportionate for her body. They are lifted naturally by the fullness of the implants without the additional scars. They look and feel real!

Before: 34 B
After: 34 C

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Patient Details

Gender: Female Age: 38 Weight: 135lbs Height: 5'4 Implants: Silicone - High Profile


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