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Patient is 32 year old Missouri woman who had complaints of shoulder, neck, back pain and constant headaches. At the suggestion of her chiropractor, she finally consulted Dr Michele Koo about a breast reduction.

Dr Koo was able to lift and decrease the size of her breasts from a 42 H to a 40 D bra. As soon as the patient woke up from surgery she could feel the relief in her neck and has not had a headache is the time of surgery.

The patient is 5’ 3”, 230 lbs and feels she now can finally be more active and try to lose some weight. The after photographs are taken 6 weeks after the surgery and the scars are still slightly red but will continue to fade very nicely for the patient.

What a confidence booster this has been for the patient!

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Gender: Female Age: 32 Weight: 230lbs Height: 5'3


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