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34 year old JL has undergone a massive weight loss through diet, exercise, weight training and healthy medically approved supplements. He has lost 120 lbs over one and a half years. He has dropped from 405 lbs to 285-290 lbs. His journey has been difficult and emotional. Despite his 120 lb loss, he hated his body and skin. He couldn’t enjoy his weight loss, because all he saw was his old body, only now with so much excess hanging skin. He didn’t want to be seen without a shirt on at the gym, in a swim suit without a shirt, and was still uncomfortable in front of his wife.

As you can see from the video, he is overwhelmed with emotion at the transformation…finally. I have zero doubt JL will continue to do great and he and his wife will continue this journey to health.

Congratulate JL and all of his efforts. He deserves all the credit!! I will keep you posted with additional photos.

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Gender: Male Age: 34


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