dr. koo in the media

Retinol Level 2 made an appearance on Kourtney Kardashian’s website, Poosh, in a story titled “I’m Getting Married In 8 Months – This Is My Expert-Approved Skin Treatment Schedule,” offering expert-approved skincare insights for those preparing for a wedding in 8 months.

Dr. Koo shared her insights in a feature on Everyday Health titled “‘Ozempic Face’: How Weight Loss Changes the Skin, and the Treatments That Can Help,” discussing the impact of weight loss on the skin and effective treatments.

Dr. Koo recently shared her insights in an interview with Well + Good. The article, titled “A Plastic Surgeon in Aspen Says Winter Weather ‘Kills Her Skin’ – These 4 Products Help Revive It,” highlights the effectiveness of AVOS, Hyaluronic Hydration Myst, and the pH Optimum Retinols in combating the harsh effects of winter weather on the skin.

Dr. Koo was quoted on Byrdie in the story, “5 Benefits of Facial Steaming, According to Estheticians”.

Dr. Koo was quoted on Real Self in the story, “10 Cosmetic Procedures and Techniques That Can Make People’s Faces Look Weird, According to Doctors”.

Dr. Koo’s interview with The Story Exchange was featured as part of their 1,000 stories project. Titled, “This Plastic Surgeon Says Her Skin Care Line Gets Results Without Surgery,”.

Beauty Space quoted Dr. Koo in the story, “How to Get Glowing Skin: Simple Skincare and Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today”.

Dr. Koo was quoted and the Replenishing Eye Serum were featured on Byrdie in the story, “The 13 Best Caffeine Eye Creams of 2023”.

Dr. Koo shared her expertise in an article for  Shape, titled “Dry Lip Causes and Treatments, According to a Doctor,” offering valuable insights into understanding and treating dry lips.

Dr. Koo was acknowledged in Beauty Independent’s article titled “Doctors Are Skincare’s Biggest Stars (Again),” highlighting the prominence of medical professionals in the skincare industry.

Dr. Koo shared her expertise in an article for Marie Claire, titled “How to Pop a Pimple in the Safest Way Possible, According to Dermatologists,” providing valuable insights on the safest methods for dealing with pimples.

Dr. Michele Koo is featured in the November 2014 Edition of Town & Style.

Dr. Michele Koo was featured in the March 2007 Edition of New Beauty Magazine.


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