I’ve Seen Videos of Liposuction…it Really Looks Painful and Scares Me…Is That Truth or Myth?

The videos you’ve seen of liposuction are probably all real and do in fact look pretty brutal. However, you should know that liposuction recovery is actually very minimal and NOT very painful. Could you call it completely non-invasive?

I wouldn’t go quite that far because the type of liposuction that really works requires the fat to be removed. For fat to be removed you have to have surgery, and for safe surgery you should be in an operating room. For complete removal of a significant amount of fat you probably should have general anesthesia.

General anesthesia under a controlled operating room setting performed by an anesthetist or anesthesiologist is extremely safe and preferred. I feel I have complete control of the operating situation and can do what I need to do to give the most complete and best results possible. I never compromise  my patient’s safety or well-being. I am therefore blatantly honest with what is required and will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you may WANT to hear.

If you want to hear that you can have liposuction during your lunch hour under local anesthesia or have an external device applied to your skin and walk away inches smaller with no cellulite, FORGET IT. Those are gimmicks that will waste your hard earned money. If you want something meaningful done that will change your shape, get the appropriate surgery or don’t do anything at all.

I will tell you though that ultrasonic liposuction, whether you want to call it VASER LIPOSUCTION, TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION, ULTRASONIC LIPOSUCTION, all work. You just have to be careful what your surgeon means when they are using these terms.

If you want true results that removes the fat, you will need the application of cannulas under your skin to physically remove the fat. The recovery is amazingly short with very little pain depending completely on the VOLUME that is removed. The more volume of fat removed, the more the recovery. Don’t let any doctor tell you otherwise no matter how much you want that one-hour liposuction. Get the right liposuction procedure for you and that procedure depends on what you want to achieve.  Don’t be afraid of how invasive liposuction is because it really can have very little downtime and pain.