Lip Enhancement – St. Louis

Dr. Michele Koo performs all lip enhancements and injections herself, never relying on a nurse or an aesthetician to do the injections instead.

As one of the most sensual parts of the body, lips are widely seen as appealing when they are luscious and plump. While in some cases people can be born with thin ill-defined lips, lips can also lose volume over time as people age. Lip enhancement is designed to increase the overall volume of the lips and can also impact the thin lines, wrinkles and drooping corners of the mouth.

About the Lip Enhancement Procedure

By taking the extra time to evaluate each patient personally and perform the procedure, I am proud to stand by the results of each and every lip augmentation. I use a wide range of semi-permanent fillers including, Juvederm and Restylane, to give the mouth a full and more youthful appearance.

Due to the popularity of lip enhancement, the market is continually introducing new products to enhance the size and shape of lips. I take great pride in staying on the cutting edge so I can offer the best possible techniques to meet the growing demand for fuller and more luscious lips.

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