Patient Testimonials

Dr Koo’s skin care line is like no other product I have ever tried. Her products are simple, and it’s such an easy routine—each time I use the products I feel like I am really treating myself. My results have been fantastic—taken years off my look. This has been such a great investment in myself! The longer I use Dr Koo’s products, the less make-up I need –Mary Ann C

What a change.. I love my results! Dr. Koo has been fabulous in explaining the procedure, understanding my concerns, and with follow- up care! Best manner/care I’ve had!! Thank you!

AWESOME, GREAT, WONDERFUL! I feel like I have “forever girlfriends”!! Such an easy and beautiful transition I have made… Forever infinity of thank you’s!

Joann is an excellent assistant. She makes you feel welcomed and is always helpful. Dr. Koo is an awesome physician. Takes the time to answer and is honest in offering suggestions

Dr. Koo and her staff are very friendly, professional, and informative. Pleased with my care and results

My mom and I have been coming to Dr. Koo for over 10 years. We are very happy and satisfied with all of our procedures. My mom had a tummy tuck and I had a breast enlargement. We look AWESOME. My mom looks better than all of her friends who are younger than she is. Her staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We both just started her Koo Skin Brilliance line and love the products. I am spending half of what I was spending on Nieman’s. She and her staff use all the products.

I work in the medical field but had no experience in this area of medicine. Dr. Koo and her staff took the time to completely explain the procedure (breast reduction) risks and benefits and postoperative care. They were always available to answer questions. The surgical team was very professional as well. Dr. Koo is involved in all aspects of your care from the first visit to hand picking the surgical team and anesthesia. They are a very professional team and are very pleasant to work with. Postoperatively I felt great very little discomfort throughout the whole process. I love my results! I highly recommend Dr. Koo and her staff. Sandy K.

Dr. Koo and her entire staff have made my whole experience enjoyable. Most people do not think of having surgery as enjoyable but with the extra effort that they give made all the difference. Dr. Koo makes sure all of your needs are met they genuinely care and are concerned. The staff is courteous friendly and very professional. I feel this experience has changed my life for the better.

My eyes look amazing. I am thrilled and people say I ‘Look Great’. It looks amazing and people say I look great but can’t tell I have had any surgery. It’s like they look at me and don’t know what I have done or if I have had anything done. I took her advice and started working on my skin and it just adds a Wow for my result. I don’t like a lot of make up so I am happy my skin is almost flawless without makeup. Crystal M.

When I called the office for my first appointment I told them I wanted the Fraxel Laser. The front desk staff made me an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Koo personally. My face looks amazing. Dr. Koo said that I didn’t need the laser but that I needed skin care a little Botox and some filler Juvederm. I look great. Liz H.

For years I thought about doing something with my Double H breast…not only were they very large and uncomfortable but also the center of attention! There was so much I couldn’t do and honestly they made me want to hide inside of myself at times…I have always believed in being happy with what God gave you but these double H’s were a bit too much of a good thing! When I found Dr Koo I was still hesitant in making this MAJOR decision, but her and her staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease! Dr Koo did an awesome job at making me feel peace of mind not only with the surgery but with the end results! She assurred me that I would love them and she couldn’t have been more right! My new size is a small D or a large C and I am so pleased with them! She took a total of almost 6 pounds from my breasts! Having these new breasts is really a dream come true! I never imagined they’d look this amazing! I can wear dresses now! And cute shirts! I love to shop! I can also do things I couldn’t before – everything is better from exercise to sex! I feel so much more confident in myself and now when people look at me, I know they see ME! Not just my really big boobs! I LOVE DR KOO and her staff! Plus the hospital, DesPeres, was great! I have never had surgery and should have been scared to death but I wasn’t! Everyone made me feel at ease and safe! I don’t think I can say enough about this change in my life! My only regret is that I didn’t take control and do this sooner! A.A., DeSoto, MO

This office is WONDERFUL!! I would recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Please know I was referred by one of your patients BUT the internet was a huge help! Thank you so much.

Dr. Koo and JoAnn are exceptional in their field. They are professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this practice; great overall experience! I LOVE MY RESULTS!!

I thought Dr. Koo was very informative and attentive. She explained everything very thoroughly. I would definitely go to her for any further service I might need.

Dr. Koo is truly an artist and she is a perfectionist. She guided me though selecting the perfect implants that fit my body type and lifestyle. She exceeded my expectations. I’m extremely pleased and now more self- confident in every way. Joanne is so accommodating and full of great information; she is amazing!

Dr Koo is an excellent surgeon who will take care of you, make the right choice and if she feels she cannot give you what you want, she will send you elsewhere. She is very honest and will help you make the right choices. S.J, St. Louis, MO

I could not be happier with the results of my surgery. For years I had been wanting to get breast augmentation, but was always afraid of the risks. When I was recommended to Dr. Koo, she put my mind to ease. She gave me the personal attention I needed and really understood what I was wanting/not wanting. I love the approach she takes to each of her clients, both before, during, and after surgery. My mother always told me “When God was passing out breasts, I was sleeping”. Thanks to Dr. Koo I love the way I look now. I would recommend her to anyone looking to alter the way they look because she truly changed me without actually changing me! A.R., St. Louis, MO

I couldn’t have been more pleased with Dr. Koo and her staff. I sought her out after doing significant research regarding breast augmentation procedures. Her artistic talents, phenomenal staff and complete understanding of my needs ultimately contributed to my decision to select her as my surgeon. My results are exactly what I wanted! I have had countless friends ask me for her contact information since I’ve been so pleased with my results. I am a little past my one-month post-op mark, and I am ecstatic with my results. I have never met such an attentive and personal surgeon, and I am so thankful for the work she’s done to help me achieve the confidence and results I’ve desired for several years. I went from a small 32B to a 32DD, and not one person has been able to tell I’ve had plastic surgery. Plus, my incisions are already so unnoticeable! I am so grateful for Dr. Koo and her staff! R.N., St. Louis, MO

I had breast implant surgery 33 years ago. About five years ago I started getting questionable mammograms. I was told I might have silicone leakage, the radiologist suggested I have a MRI, so I did. Results no leakage. The next mammogram the radiologist suggested an ultra sound. The results were it looked like the scar tissue from implant surgery was attaching to my lymph nodes. I also noticed my Breast were becoming more firm and changing shape. Radiologist recommended that I see a Plastic Surgeon.

Well after having implants for 33 years I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I was use to having large breasts and didn’t know if I wanted to have implants again or would I be satisfied with smaller breast. I was also nervous about having surgery, and wanted to find a doctor I felt comfortable with. After a few months I made my decision, I was going to have my implants removed and my breast reconstructed. Now to find a doctor. I wanted to get more than one opinion, so I did. I decided on Dr. Michelle Koo for several reasons. She is very personable and compassionate, I felt very comfortable with her. She went into detail about the surgery and made me feel very positive. Also the removal of my implants and reconstruction could all be done in one surgery. I was so glad to hear that because I was nervous about surgery any way and did not want to have two surgeries, (the other Plastic surgeon I went to told me it would have to be two different surgeries). I felt very good and confident after talking to Dr. Michelle Koo, and made my appointment the next day to have surgery.

The day of surgery I was made very comfortable and was not nervous at all. I am so happy with the results and I don’t miss having larger breast!!

I would highly recommend Dr. Michelle Koo, she is great, and her staff is wonderful, if you have questions they are always there to answer them also if you need to see Dr. Koo prior to your scheduled appointment they will always make time for you.