Chin Augmentation – St. Louis

As a key part to facial harmony and balance, Dr. Michele Koo offers chin surgery to increase or reduce the jawline and chin. As a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society, Dr. Koo has the skill and expertise to augment or reduce the size of the chin. If you feel that your chin is too weak and small for your face, Dr Koo can use a chin implant to enhance your chin and strengthen your jawline. This will balance your entire face, placing your nose, neck and chin in harmony.

About Chin Surgery

Chin augmentations can be done under local or general anesthesia and will take me only 30-40 minutes to perform. I will use a chin implant to increase the size of the chin or perform reduction surgery on the bone to achieve the optimal size and strength.  I often recommend combining a rhinoplasty with chin surgery to ensure facial balance and harmony.

The incision for a chin surgery may be made inside the mouth or under the chin depending on the amount of correction necessary and the patient’s facial structure.  Once the procedure is complete, patients wear a chin strap for 4 days following the procedure to ensure long-lasting results.  In most cases, patients are able to return to work after 7 days.  The neck will appear sculpted and facial harmony will be more balanced following chin surgery.

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