Why Do I Have Flattened, Stretched Out Breasts After My Pregnancy…and What can I can do about it?

These are very common questions women ask during a consultation for breast rejuvenation. Everyone thinks breast implants are only to make breasts bigger. This is only one aspect of what breast rejuvenation can achieve with a mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation.

Silicone or saline breast implants can reshape breasts and also make them more symmetric. After pregnancy, weight gain and loss, breasts can appear deflated, stretched, and elongated.

A breast lift with a breast enhancement can completely reshape the breast. The nipple is lifted to the center of the breast mound and the breast implant fills the deflated skin envelope, recreating the volume of a very natural sexy looking breast.Asymmetry of the breasts can be almost completely corrected and the enlarged areola can also be reduced. The breasts can regain a soft, very natural looks natural as with with the rest of the body.

One does not have to live with the unpleasant results of aging or pregnancy. The saggy, flat breasts that make you feel unsexy, with NO desire to wear a swimsuit or be seen naked can safely be remedied.

The surgery requires about 1½ hours of general anesthesia but the recovery is very quick. You are able to drive the next day and can do simple household chores, perform office duties, and take care of your children in approximately two days. Returning to light exercise will take about two weeks, and four weeks for strenuous boot camp work outs.

Breast enhancement and rejuvenation is all about achieving natural beautiful breast shape and is safe and very achievable!! It’s not just about the size but it is about YOU liking yourself and the way you look!

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