If I Have Plastic Surgery On My Face Will I Still Look Like Me?

facephotoThis is a question I often hear during my office consultations for facial rejuvenation. My philosophy is that well-done plastic surgery makes you look rested, with softer smoother features not create a face and eyes that look pulled and “done.”

This is especially true for male plastic surgery. If you’ve seen pictures of Kenny Rogers or Mickey Rourke, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. They’ve lost the natural architecture of their faces and are not recognizable. You can see that result also if you Google Uma Thurman and Renee Zellweger.

So what happened to them? Did they not know where to go to get the best possible results? I don’t know what these celebrities requested during their consultation with their plastic surgeons but I feel it is my job to guide you as to what the best approach is to achieve an extremely natural improved look that allows you to completely keep your own features. I replace the tissues to their previous positions to achieve the very natural rested look.

‘LESS IS MORE’ is my approach when addressing the face, especially for men!

My job is to advise you what can and cannot be achieved and the best way to do it. I respect the natural contours of the face and eyes. Sometimes it is better to do a little at a time during the rejuvenation process. I term this the layering effect. This technique allows you to continue to improve slowly to achieve an unaffected look.

The answer to the question is, of course, yes you can look unaffected if you take the layered approach to rejuvenation. You can always do more but it is really difficult to correct what is overdone!! You don’t need to do it ALL at one time and the mission is NOT to make it as TIGHT as possible.